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With their new TV show Udaariyaan, Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta take on the role of producers

Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey, who have ruled the television industry for years, are now taking on the role of producers. On Colors TV, they would be producing a new TV soap called Udaariyaan. It will launch on March 15 at 7 p.m. and will air Monday through Saturday. Check this article for more info about Udaariyaan Watch Online .


“There comes a time in every creative person's life when they want to explore into other, more exciting avenues,” Sargun said of becoming a producer. When I decided to try my hand at producing a television show, it was at this stage. I had a concept in my head that I thought would translate nicely on film, and I shared it with Ravi, who enthusiastically agreed. I believed in Udaariyaan with every fiber of my being. I was confident in my concept, my characters, and their storylines, so I contacted Colors with it, and they were enthusiastic. I felt obligated to my audience with Udaariyaan to offer them a glimpse of this beautiful new universe and introduce them to some brilliant personalities. I hope people enjoy it because it is definitely a labor of love and perseverance!”


“The television industry has given us so much,” Ravi Dubey stated. We've been in the industry for 15 years and have seen a lot of things. I'm thrilled and glad that Sargun and I are now working together on Udaariyaan as storytellers. Sargun's kid, Udaariyaan, was conceived and developed by her. She has literally worked nonstop to put this concert together, and I am confident that her sincerity and earnestness will win everyone's heart. I will always be proud of her. The public has shown us a lot of love for all of the characters we've played so far, and I hope they continue to show us the same love as we take on this new position as producers.”

With the new show Udaariyaan, television's cutest pair, Ravi Dubey and Sargun Mehta, have taken on the role of producers. Produced under their own label, the actors recently unveiled the show's promo, which was also shown on Bigg Boss 14's grand finale episode. The actors are overjoyed because they have progressed one step further and have now taken on the role of storytellers. As they embrace their new job as producers, they expect to get the same kind of affection.

Sargun told TOI that she is very attached to the show, while Ravi added that it is Sargun's baby because she conceptualized and created it, and she has literally worked night and day on it.

Sargun remarked, "It feels like a dream, and I have to admit that I am emotionally invested in this program. Both of us have been blessed by God. We've seen steady progress...we've spent a decade being a part of so many stories, and now to 'tell' a story that we believe in is surreal...to see characters I've created come to life on screen is surreal...we're grateful for our audience's support and blessings, who have unconditionally loved us through thick and thin...continue to shower your blessings on us."

Ravi stated that he will always be proud of her and that she will win everyone's heart with her sincerity and earnestness. He went on to say, "So much has been provided to us by the television industry. I am thrilled and glad that Sargun and I, as a team, are now turning storytellers with Udaariyaan , after 15 years in the profession and being a part of numerous stories. Sargun is the creator of the show. She is the one who came up with the idea and developed it. She has practically worked nonstop to put this concert together. I'm confident that her genuineness and earnestness will win everyone's heart... I will always be proud of her. All of the characters we've played have received a lot of appreciation from the crowd. As we accept our new job as producers, I hope they continue to show us the same level of affection."