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What You Should Know About Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14's major debut is approaching, and we can't seem to keep our mouths shut! The controversial show is one of the most well-known reality series on television. This one episode is a mix of drama and comedy, and it's been a long time since we've seen it. As previously stated, the producers have already started planning the following season. In the face of this pandemic, we now have some positive news! Late October is a possibility for the show's premiere. This season will have a completely new framework, as well as a number of exciting new elements, according to the developers. Continue reading to learn more.

Mobile Phones Are Allowed in the Bigg Boss House

The producers of Bigg Boss 14 have agreed to introduce new criteria, according to recent media reports. For the first time in the show's history, the participants will be able to use their phones inside the Bigg Boss house. They will be allowed to speak with their followers and close friends when they are locked up in the jail. According to rumors, they will also be able to create vlogs and video messages to send to their loved ones.

A New Format Has Been Launched by The Creators

The current pandemic scenario will have an impact on the show's latest format. Social distance will be a prominent issue this season. It'll be interesting to watch how the producers pull it off inside the Bigg Boss studio. The show's tagline for this year could be 'Bigg Boss 14 - Lockdown Edition,' according to a source.

What time does the show start?

Bigg Boss 13 was a great hit, and since the grand finale, we've all been looking forward to the show's next season. The show is set to launch on October 14th, according to the newest report. All 16 contestants on the show will be asked to enter the house after passing the Corona exam.

A list of celebrities was contacted.

A number of celebs have already been contacted for the show's 14th season, as we previously reported. None of these, however, have been confirmed as of yet. Despite his separation from wife Charu Asopa, Rajeev Sen, Sushmita Sen's brother, has been offered the program, according to a source close to ETimes. The insider claimed, "Rajeev Sen has been approached for the show, and he desires to appear alone." Nothing is set in stone, and the costs are also up for discussion. It is still in its early stages.” Last year, Rajeev Sen was also approached for the show. His wife Charu also wanted to be a part of the performance, but owing to her brother's wedding, she was unable to do so. Rajeev gave up his aspiration to be a part of the show after that.

Famous television performers such as Nia Sharma, Vivian Dsena, and Adhyayan Suman, according to another story, have been approached and are most likely to join the project. Akanksha Puri, Jasmin Bhasin, Sahil Khan, and Mansi Srivastava are among the other names that have surfaced. However, none of them have stated whether or not they will participate in the show. Read more about Bigg Boss 15 Full Episode .